York Patrick - Beach Life

Album Cover: Beach Life

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"Beach Life" is not just an album; it's an essence of York Patrick's life and his love for the Costa Blanca, where he has found his creative home since 2017. This fantastic studio album is a tribute to beach life, encapsulated in the irresistible sounds of Pop and Dance that define York Patrick's unique Costa Blanca style.

From the first note to the last chord, "Beach Life" takes you on a journey filled with sun-soaked melodies, rhythmic beats, and profound lyrics that celebrate life by the coast. Each track reflects the carefree joy, endless freedom, and vibrant life York Patrick experiences on the Costa Blanca.

With "Beach Life", York Patrick invites you to experience the magic of summer as if you were right there by his side on the Costa Blanca. Experience captivating dance hits that keep you dancing till the early hours, and heartfelt pop ballads that touch your heart, bringing a piece of paradise life directly to your home.